Bericht zum administrativen Einsatz: Daniela Hausdorf

Hi, my name is Daniela Hausdorf, I’m a German with professional skills mostly in office management and in event management. Here is my story, written 2019:


I learned about Fatou Gaye and her clinic in Kunkujang in 2015, when my daughter, a midwife in training for only two weeks, enthusiastically called out loud “Mum, I found somebody in Gambia who wants me to work as a midwife with her!” – I was thinking, oh yeah, let time pass and see …

I started to follow Fatou Gaye on facebook, and what I saw deeply impressed me. Then, one of my sisters-in-law needed special antenatal care, and we checked out services at Fatou’s clinic – since that time, my sister-in-law is recommending the clinic everywhere at anytime to anyone, you might ask her or not.

I watched my daughter becoming a midwife, and noticed that Fatou was one of the reasons, why she always tried her best – her mind was clearly set not to fail in that far away clinic with that Fatou Gaye heading it.

Then in 2019, I had the chance to receive 6 weeks paid holydays, and I simply asked Fatou on facebook: would you need somebody experienced with administration? Fatou almost immediately replied: Yes, my dear, just come and do it!

So, in April 2019, I came to her clinic – and was brought to the Administration Office straight: Here you see my so called administration, said Fatou with that humble sense of humor that makes her outstanding. She just let me know three or four of her wishes for the clinic’s and darra’s administration and then, she let me work with full confidence, trust, and support, at any time I wanted, at any speed I chose, on any task I liked. She has this high spirit that makes you giving all your best to achieve best results because you really never want her turning to sadness. Which is almost impossible, and that’s one of the reasons why Fatou Gaye is exceptional.

Fatou and her team, the doctors, the nurses, the nannies and all the others, live and work for a new Gambia, for the upcoming generation dreaming of a prospering Gambia – they are caring, loving and hardworking role models for Fatou’s darra girls and for everybody who wants Gambia to grow in peace.

Never in my professional years, I have been working under a more appreciatively atmosphere than here, in Fatou Gaye’s clinic. I became part of the staff, and the most delicious food was served to me without delay or question, even in Ramadan. As I have a compound in Gambia, I didn’t need a room at the clinic, but Fatou would surely give me one if I had been in need. Fatou and her most adorable Medical Director Dr. Kalilu Jagne honored my effords in setting up an administration with two certificates that I’m very proud to have amongst the witnesses of my professional achievements. And they honored me with the task and title of an Ambassador of the Foundation

Fatou, her staff and her children offered me a fresh view on Gambia: now is not only home of half my family and blessed with a smiling coast – Gambia now to me is a place where my professional self will always have a home. Hope to see you soon again!

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