Kunkujang Keitaya: Gehälter der Nannies im Darra sichern

In Fatou Gaye’s child protection center, four nannies, among others, look after the welfare of the children. There are now about 170 of them, because word has spread about the good care, the proper housing and the educational opportunities. It is clear that needy families would rather place orphaned children here than elsewhere. But nanny salaries are very, very difficult to earn. They have to be paid out of the clinic’s profits. And due to Corona, inflation and all the other crises, these are not exactly abundant. Therefore, we want to try to donate at least two salaries this year as well. Each nanny receives about 1.000 Euro per year (!). How much can we collect together? Enough for one, for two or for more nannies? These are single mothers who should have and keep a dignified job here. Be there and donate! No amount is too small.

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