Bücherregale frisch geliefert

Konkret lassen wir durch lokale Handwerker die Regale bauen. Ein Regal kostet 6.000 Dalasi bzw. 120 Euro. Lehrbücher und Belletristik in englischer Sprache stehen dann für Unterricht und Freizeit zur Verfügung.

Regale für SMD Bibliothek
Stühle für Bibliothek Siffoe

As part of our mission – Education! – we set up libraries in „our“ nurseries and schools and support existing libraries run by other organizations. Specifically, we have local craftsmen build the shelves and donate both textbooks and fiction in English.

The library in Ndofan was our first, the library in Faraba Sutu followed. Also, thanks to donations in kind, we were able to support the library of the Daughters of Gambia in Siffoe with chairs, a writing board and with books.

Currently we are expanding the library in Sareh Marie Dobo. One shelf costs 6,000 Dalasi or 120 Euros. Of course, we have them made locally. We are also happy to accept donations of good English books in kind, we also ask for proportional monetary donations for the container costs.