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Why a pool instead of single sponsorships?

We strongly believe that, only pooled donations give all children an equal and common sense of being welcome and worth the support. And, as we usually don’t know for how long a given child will live with us, pooled donation doesn’t favor longterm children on expenses of shortterm children.

A donation pool enables quick responds to changing needs. It reduces adminstrative work, and still provides as much transparency as every donor deserves.

Why no direct Donations to the Darra from here?

How does it work

100% of all donations are transferred to our hands. We receipe every donation, it may be cash or in kind. And we prove it by texting our sponsors, adding photos of the transfer and the use. Administrative costs are completely covered by GBG e.V..

The pool is filled with profits of the Foundation’s clinic, and by donations. While clinic’s revenues depend on external circumstances and are always threatened by unexpected collaps of incoming patients, committed longterm donors save a substantial part of the children’s shelter montly expenditures.

The most important monthly Expenses