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  • Einsatzbericht Anne-Katrin in Fatou Gayes Klinik in Kunkujang Keitaya
    Reisebericht Anne-Katrin Klotzsch, Februar 2023 (gekürzt) Den Besuch im Projekt von GBG e.V. „Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Foundation – Klinik und Darra“ hatte ich mit Fatou vorab besprochen. Sie wünschte sich von mir für ihre Klinikmitarbeiter zwei Unterrichtseinheiten. Des Weiteren gab es einige Themen von Seiten des Vereins zu erledigen. Mir war es wichtig, am  … Weiterlesen
  • Bericht zum Einsatz Gesundheitsversorgung: Marion R.
    It seems almost impossible to put into words the many different experiences I have had in The Gambia. I started my stay in The Gambia at the Fatou Gaye Clinic (that’s the name of the clinic in the community, I’ll explain why later) right after my specialist exam as „Gynecologist and Obstetrician“. However, I quickly  … Weiterlesen
  • Bericht zum Einsatz Gesundheitsversorgung: Anne-Katrin Klotzsch, Hebamme/ midwife
    When I came back and started working in Berlin, it was like a shock. Not only in a social and cultural way but also due to some professional issues. I needed some time to get used to the workload of a delivery section in a big hospital, dealing and working with students, coping with lots  … Weiterlesen
  • Bericht zu Einsatz Gesundheitsversorgung: Nene Keita, Hebamme/ midwife
    Hi, my name is Nene Keita, I’m a 23 years old midwife with a German mother and a Gambian father. Here is my story: STIN.C refers to the Sheihk Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Clinic in Kunkujang Keitaya, Northern Bank, The Gambia, which is widely known as “Fatou Gaye’s Clinic” or “The Clinic in Kunkujang”. “Fatou Gaye’s  … Weiterlesen
  • Bericht zum administrativen Einsatz: Daniela Hausdorf
    Hi, my name is Daniela Hausdorf, I’m a German with professional skills mostly in office management and in event management. Here is my story, written 2019: I learned about Fatou Gaye and her clinic in Kunkujang in 2015, when my daughter, a midwife in training for only two weeks, enthusiastically called out loud “Mum, I  … Weiterlesen

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